Blackbird Conservation Consulting is the digital nest box of Bart van Engeldorp Gastelaars. I am active in the field of outdoor recreation, conservation and conservation tourism. I connect people with nature and processes with content. I offer clients, ranging from governments, NGO’s to museums and tourism entrepreneurs, a fresh perspective and specific ideas. With my multidisciplinary and creative approach I am happy to help you create a responsible, diversified outdoor experience.

My philosophy

I strongly believe in the power of experiencing nature. Nature has the wonderful ability to inspire, touch, heal and connect us. You can use that power to create awareness, increase support, finance nature conservation and support local communities. However, … it must be done in the right way!

At Blackbird my starting point is always the value of the landscape (the natural capital) and the values of all players involved (the social capital). After all, the landscape and the community are the carriers of the experience that you want to offer. Proper implementation of your marketing, communication and terrain design helps to direct that experience in the right direction. The experience then contributes to income, support and protection of nature values elsewhere. Only with a holistic approach, where all of these aspects are in balance with each other, you will really get ahead.

My approach

My approach is based on a healthy mix of theory and practice. On knowledge that I have gained in the real world. While managing oustanding nature areas, creating inspiring projects, making policy, research, getting lost for miles and during interviews with people from all over the world. I have seen what works and what does not. With this background, I have developed a series of design principles that have proven themselves and that can be adapted to local ecological and social conditions. My services are primarily focused on concrete actions: I do not produce illegible abstract documents, even if you pay extra for them. What do I do? I provide you with personal, relevant and practical advice. CUSTOM MADE, with capital letters.

Bart van Engeldorp Gastelaars

Bart van Engeldorp Gastelaars

Owner & consultant

I have two decades of experience in the field of conservation tourism. Nature is at the center of my life: enjoying life close to home with my family, or being blown away at photographic expeditions far away. During my daily work I am involved in the management of beautiful and well visited coastal dune area in the vicinity of The Hague. I am also active as a photographer and tell stories with my photos for clients such as the Peace Parks Foundation and the European Wilderness Society.

Nature gives me energy for two! Protecting the last European wildernesses for the WWF and giving practical advice to lodges and tour operators on three continents made me want to do more. And with that … Blackbird crawled out of her egg.


My network

I have a wide network. This allows me to offer my clients tailor-made services. I regularly work with freelancers and agencies that specialize in:

  • landscape architecture
  • museum design
  • marketing and communication
  • education
  • stakeholder management
  • design
  • text editing, photography and multimedia
  • nature monitoring
  • process managers
  • wayfinding
  • construct- ansd build supervision