Making conservation tourism work!

I am an internationally operating consultant, specializing in outdoor recreation, conservation and conservation tourism. With a multidisciplinary and creative approach I help you offer a responsible and diversified outdoor experience.


Intag Colibri Cabins, Ecuador

Advice on a suitable expansion of their activity program so that they will attract more visitors. This home-stay on a coffee farm is located in the middle of a privately protected cloud forest. This region in Ecuador is part of the Chocó, one of the 36 recognized biodiversity hotspots. Mining has been a threat here for decades. Visitors lead to more income, awareness and support.

Bale Mountain Tours, Ethiopia

I have helped this travel agency on their growth path to further development of their business. Tourism offers employment which contributes to a better protection of the park. In Bale Mountains National Park you can discover both breathtaking highlands and mysterious cloud forests. During their tours you will, among other things, look for the most endangered canine in the world: the Ethiopian wolf.


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